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7 Days to 7 New Ways: The Transformational Changing Room

Step into the transformational changing room. A chance to try new ways of being for a while. 7 delicious days to wiggle your way to finding a good fit...the right fit...THE BEST FIT FOR YOU.

I see you, womxn...


Tired and stuck in a job you hate, you feel that you lost the connection with your feminine side and want to break free of the conventional way to feel yourself again...

You feel like no one gets you...People keep letting you down and not giving you the support you need.

You know there is a part of you who is wanting more.

This is your energy body talking to you. Shouting to you to take notice of your life. Make changes. Take time for living. Start your own business. Find an empowered partnership. Make impactful lifestyle changes…

You’re a soul hustler...

Sitting on the sidelines feeling like you don’t fit in...knowing what you should be doing,’re still not doing it...

You are longing for the day you can start working less...but are constantly worried that you won't have enough money or afraid to spend it in case it runs out...

How can you do more of the work you love?

What’s stopping you from taking action?

What's stopping you from being fully available?

If all of you was fully available for the world to see, how much more attractive would you become?

Are you ready right now to leave your stuff behind and shower yourself in the self-healing void?

What are you scared to leave behind?

What if after all the change, life worked out better than you could ever dream?

How would your life change if you allowed yourself to be fully supported?

We are always held and supported.

But, what we don't realise is support is always there -

Do you accept it? Or do you resist it?

What if I tell you that a call with me is what you

truly need to totally change your life?

45 minutes to connect with YOU

Navigating the transitions...It can feel lonely sometimes, right?

Like you are the only person going through the change.

And then when you do eventually try on a braver outfit, you are unsure of how to navigate your way through the ever-unfolding transitions that occur as a by- product of change.

You most certainly are not alone.

I am here with you and have created a soft yet powerful path for you to build foundations to become the creative director of your own life.

Making way for you to begin to navigate the blind trials towards trying something else and laying foundations to fully own your out-of-the-ordinary soul story.

This is the gift I’m offering you.


Hey lovely, I’m Natalie

I am a cosmic songbird with a passion for guiding women to tune into their innate wisdom, find sanctuary in their hearts and freedom in their souls.

Through my work as a writer, author, radio presenter and yoga teacher, I empower women to push to their edges: to embrace their wild, honour their inner goddess and begin truly dancing with life.

As a leader and founder of Cosmic Soul School, I embody all aspects of my raw, divine femininity while breaking conventions, creating change and paving the way for others to follow.

My unique strength lies in my gentle, loving essence and intuitive, mystical powers which light the way for women to rise, awakening to their mastery and owning it fully.

A natural communicator with music, dance, creativity and colour flowing through my DNA, I translate the light she sees in the world into something tangible to amplify the human experience.

as featured in

“There is no price on transformation. The investment in yourself leads to a story to inspire others... Then one day you wake up just like I did influencing thousands of people across the globe. All with my feet in the sand and my hand on my heart."


Blocking out time to meet yourself for you to explore the resistance and wake up to the new ways which are waiting for you...
Let’s start to activate YOU into action!


“As an intuitive healer and Soulpreneur myself, it can be difficult to find people who can facilitate the depth of experience that I crave. Not so with Natalie, she is truly gifted at holding space. She has a range of complementary and diverse modalities that mean she is perfectly suited to adapt at the moment to where the energy needs to flow.”

Rachel Smithbone
The High Priestess of Sacred Self-Love and Spiritual Badassery

How would your life be transformed if you changed this right now?

If you approached this with courage, how would your life change?

There is no time like now - the more we put our desires off the more they will come knocking - they will find a way and this is your opportunity to align with them for 45 minutes only and see how it feels to step into a new way of being!